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Top 5 Self Care Tips from KrankFIT

a group of people that are standing in the water


a group of people standing next to a body of water
We love when we can bring 2 worlds together and that’s exactly what’s happened with our next collab.  Nashville Paddle Co. instructor, Megan Aumann, introduced us to her friends, Jenn & Meghan, at KrankFIT Cycle & Strength, a HIIT-based fitness studio located in the Green Hills area of Nashville. We invited them out to paddle and now we’re invited YOU to join us as we team up for a special KrankFIT SUP Fitness class on Friday, July 23.  The class will be circuit based with a mix of stabilization, strength and lots of core work. You can expect a fun mix of slow controlled moves and dynamic full-body moves from our incredible guest instructors!


We asked Jenn & Meghan to create a TOP 5 List of something they felt important to share and we couldn’t agree more with their choice…




  1. GET OUTDOORS: we love grabbing our pups, friends, or even just going alone to get into nature and escape the chaos of life; walking, hiking, boating, paddle boarding, etc!
  2. COOKING: whether it’s for friends and family or to nourish yourself, getting creative in the kitchen is so good for the soul!
  3. REST: whether it’s taking a nap, getting a massage, or watching a really good movie, our bodies need us to slow down and kick our feet up.
  4. MINDFUL MOVEMENT: we obviously love a good HIIT workout, but that’s not always what our bodies need/want. Yoga and pilates are great options for a lower intensity, yet amazing mindful workout.
  5. TAKE TIME OFF: always remember to give yourself a break and take time off. Our culture makes us think that we constantly have to be grinding it out, but the time away is just as important to recharge and lower your stress levels.


KrankFIT Cycle & Strength is a HIIT-based fitness studio located in the Green Hills area of Nashville. They offer both indoor cycling and circuit classes, giving clients a one stop shop to get all their cardio and strength needs. All levels are welcome!


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