Frequently Asked Questions

IMG_4951Some quick answers to the questions we get most often:

Q: Do I have to pay for a rental in addition to my stand up paddle board lesson?

A: No, the price of the lesson includes use of a quality paddleboard, paddle, PFD (with whistle) and leash. After you get hooked during your first lesson, then you can schedule rentals.

Q: How long does a stand up paddle board lesson last?

A: Intro to SUP sessions are 90 minutes. This includes time on land to give you important safety tips and technique pointers, plus time to paddle around. An instructor will be on the water with you and will tailor the session to your needs. (Other classes and social paddles are between 60 minutes and two hours.)

Q: Do I need a stand up paddle board lesson? Can't I just get a board and go?

A: You must have had SUP instruction somewhere (with us or elsewhere) before you rent a board. Stand-up paddling is not hard. It is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all fitness levels and abilities. We use equipment to help you be successful. And there are techniques that are important for safety reasons and to improve your technique and reduce the incidence of injury. Also, it makes your paddling experience a lot more fun! We have priced lessons to make it easy to take one. We will tailor it to your needs. We promise you won't be bored or feel like you are in a mandatory "classroom" setting.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: Mother Nature can be fickle. If it is light rain, we may still paddle. If the radar suggests that the rain may quickly pass through, we may wait it out. You cannot be on the water when there is lightning, thunder or high winds (more than 10 m.p.h.). We will let you know if we have to cancel due to weather and we will give you a credit for a future class or rental if we do so. This rain check is good all season and is transferrable. No shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are not issued credit.

Q: Can my kids paddle?

A: Yes. SUP is great for kids. And we have some rules to help them love it as much as you do. Children under age 16 must be accompanied on the water with a parent or guardian unless they are attending one of our occasional SUP Youth outings. Kids under 10 or so may be more comfortable on a parent's paddleboard than on their own; contact us first to talk about your situation. Everyone 12 and under must wear a PFD at all times. We encourage parents to wear PFDs around their kids.

Q: Do you have somewhere I can keep my stuff while I paddle?

A: Yes. We can hang on to your keys while you are on the water. We recommend that you leave other valuables at home.

Q: Do I have to have a PFD?

A: Yes. The U.S. Coast Guard says so. So do we. We have traditional Class III PFDs as well as inflatable belt packs. You must be older than 16 to use an inflatable belt packs and it must be worn on the board. Traditional PFDs can be on your board or worn. Anyone ages 12 or younger must wear a PFD. We encourage everyone to wear their PFDs at all time, particularly parents to do so around their kids.