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DIY Pet Portrait Tips from Painted Paw Studio

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Sarah Shearer, owner of Painted Paw Studio, is an avid paddler and long-time friend of Nashville Paddle Co.  We are excited to collaborate with her on an upcoming event that brings together 3 of her loves:  paddling, painting and pets!  Paint & Paddle will start with a 15 min SUP or Kayak Land Lesson, followed by a 1 hour Social Paddle and 2 hour Guided Paint Session … ending with a 12″x12″ paw-fect acrylic portrait of your pet.  Book your board or kayak HERE.


For those who can’t join us, Sarah has put together these helpful tips to create our own masterpiece at home…


Top 5 Tips for Painting Your Own Pet:

1. Get a little guidance. I regularly teach a Paint Your Own Pet class that covers the basics – join me! Or, if you’re not in the Nashville area do a little Youtube search and watch painting tutorials before you get started.

2. Use the right supplies! Visit your local art supply store (Jerry’s Artorama is my Nashville favorite) and let them help you select the fundamental materials that will set you up for success.

3. Work from a good reference photo. A well-lit, high-resolution photo will yield noticeably better results than a poor-quality option.

4. Have patience with yourself. Think Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours approach; everything takes time to master!

5. Practice makes perfect 🙂  Don’t expect to be an expert right out of the gate. Just have fun!


Connect with Sarah & Painted Paw Studio here:   WEBSITEINSTAGRAMFACEBOOK


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