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Safety and Policies

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Rules Paddleboard

SUP is all about fun, and we have a few recommendations to keep it that way:

1. All paddlers must carry or wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved PFD/life jacket and whistle at all times. We highly recommend that you wear it, rather than carry it, and we supply both waist packs or traditional PFDs to encourage this (belt packs must be worn, and can only be done so by those older than 16). Anyone ages 12 or younger must wear a PFD. We encourage parents to wear PFDs around their kids. Lights are required for night paddles.

2. Coil ankle leashes are encouraged for all paddlers and are required for our renters taking boards on paddles on the Stones or Cumberland rivers and on flatwater on windy dates.

3. Start and finish your paddle on your knees (not standing) to help prevent hitting the nose of the paddleboard or the fin on rocks or concrete.

4. Tell someone where you’ll be paddling and when you’ll be back. Wear ID. (We love Road ID for this.)

5. Jump, bounce, somersault, and play on the paddleboard in water. Do none of these things on the board on land. This is how boards get damaged.

6. You are responsible for any and all damage to Nashville Paddle equipment while in possession of equipment. The cost of repairs of damages will be deducted from rental deposits or charged to credit cards. You MUST take a lesson or have prior paddling experience (i.e. a lesson with a WPA-certified instructor) before renting a board on your own. We will do rent to those without experience. You must paddle in our designated area in view of staff on during your rentals.

7. If we do not have your credit card on file, a deposit is required for rentals. Deposits are refunded upon safe, undamaged and timely return of rental boards. Our schedule for damage fees is outlined on our waiver. We require payment for all rentals and lessons in advance.

8. Everyone must sign a waiver before hitting the water.

9. If you want to fish off of a rental paddleboard you need a fishing license. We do not sell fishing licenses.

10. Please arrive early for all classes and rentals. We will not accommodate late arrivals. It takes approximately 25 minutes to get from downtown to Hamilton Creek Recreation Area when there is no traffic.

11. Ask for help. If it is windy or you don’t know how to strap your board to your car, ask us! If you need a refresher on that turn technique or advice on what to gear to try, ask us. If we don’t know, we know someone who does.

12. If your rental or lesson is canceled due to weather, we offer you a credit for a future outing. This rain check is good all season and is transferrable. We do not offer credits for no shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. (Note: After Labor Day, rain checks issued will be good through the next season.)

13. Stay safe (this includes not drinking and paddling). Pay attention. Be respectful of others using the lakes (i.e. don’t take up a parking spot for a trailer with a car; let boats use the access ramps).

14. Have fun.