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Safety for SUP Rentals

Our designated rental area

Our mission as a company—and as paddlers—is to help people learn to paddle in a safe environment, learning to appreciate the resources in our own backyard. That’s one of the reason we offer paddleboard rentals in addition to SUP classes and instruction. To keep everyone safe—and back on time so that the next group can rent—we ask that you stay in our designated area. We’ve paddled this area a lot and we know you can get in a good workout and see nice sights and still be back in time if you stick to these areas. This also allows us to reach you in the case of emergency.

If you are out on a rental board, consider bringing a phone in a dry bag or waterproof case and a watch. Know how long it will take you—and how tired you will be—to get back in current conditions. Want some ideas of drills you can do to improve your endurance and technique? Ask. Our staff is happy to help.

Happy paddling.

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