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Dragon Boating in Nashville

Dragon Boating

We love padding. On a paddleboard. And in a dragon boat. We’ve been active volunteers and sponsors of the Cumberland River Compact’s Cumberland River Dragon Boat Festival, which will be celebrating its 10th year in Nashville in 2016. But we want to be able to dragon boat more than once a year!

Sometimes we join other club teams, including the Chattanooga Dragon Boat Club, when they race around the southeast. But we’d like to bring a dragon boat to Nashville and have our own club team. We’d also rent out our boat to other teams in the area who would like to practice more than once a year.

A 46-foot dragon boat weight about 550 lbs. We need to know we have a dedicated group to move it and clean it and maintain it and practice in it. If you are interested in helping with this effort, e-mail us at info [at] nashvillepaddle [dot] com and let us know.

Paddles up!

Dragon boat Racing in Nashville