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IMG_1871Do you break stuff? We do. The long list of things we have broken this season includes:

  • Walkie Talkies (3)
  • Binoculars (1)
  • Tents  (3)
  • Watches (7)

You name it, we’ve broken it. That’s why we carry and sell a lot of products that are unlikely to break and/or reduce damage to your other stuff. We love the YOLO Hammerhead board and the line of Glide SUP boards with GSS: Both of these are fiberglass boards that are coated for durability, so they won’t ding or break. We have them in both used and new boards. We also have waterproof phone cases and sweet new YOLO board covers to protect your paddleboards from sun and debris.

And, if you do ding your board, we have ding repair kits. And, remember, we have free straps to help protect your sunglasses on the water.


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