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Ultra-Beginner SUP Yoga Classes

May 17_ 2015_0208untitled-16

Photo credit: Mickey Bernal Photography

We hear people take a look at photos like the one of Katy to the right and say, “I can’t even do that on land, how am I going to do it on the water?” We have a new class for you! FloYo® for Non Pros is the SUP yoga class for people who have never taken yoga. Don’t know a crow from a wheel from a flow? Doesn’t matter. Just sign up for one of Katy’s classes. The first ones are Sunday, June 6, 4 p.m.; June 11, 5:30 p.m. We’ll add more through the summer.

In this 75-minute class Katy will take you through a basic yoga sequence on land and paddle instruction on land and then you’ll get to do both things—practice paddling and practice that same series of yoga poses—on the water. No experience required. This is the ultimate, no judgment beginner class. If you’re curious about FloYo, our SUP yoga classes, you don’t want to miss this. Classes are just $40. Have your own board, and know paddling, but not yoga? Join us for just $15.

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