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Get Your WOD on the Water

Have you wondered about our Fitness Onboard classes? Personal trainer, Holly Myers, owner of Team Kale Wellness teaches these 60-minutes classes Tuesday nights at 6pm and Friday mornings at 9am. Here’s what she has to say about them:

13528732_1325279670850424_3081873447477003650_nIncrease your core strength and feel your stabilizer muscles kick in. If you haven’t been on a paddleboard and felt the strange feeling of your legs shaking, come out and give it a try. I see people paddle that are in great shape get shaky legs and are in shock. It can be an eye opener for some as to the different muscle groups that are used while paddling. It isn’t just about upper body as most would think. You have many different muscle groups that kick in throughout the paddle stroke. From standing on the board and finding your stability, to reaching out with your paddle at the nose of the board for that first stroke back to your feet. The stabilizer muscles kick in which is more of an isometric hold that keeps your body strong, healthy and on the board, not in the water! Utilizing your hips, arms, shoulders, obliques, deltoids, lower body and much more for stabilization can help your overall strength and conditioning. And that’s just a standard paddle stroke!

Fitness moves on the paddleboards can be a whole other game. From burpees, pushups, yoga, headstands, tug of war, yoga, partner board planks and much more; you will feel the power of your core trying to stabilize itself on the board vs. a stable surface. Not a bad way to change up your workout routine and enjoy summer on the water. Come out and give it a try!

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