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Cumberland River Paddlefest


For the first few years when we paddled around Nashville, people looked at the boards on our cars and asked us where we were going surfing. Kayakers and canoers had their events and the few SUPers we knew had theirs.

But things are different now. People shout “paddleboards!” or “YOLO!” when we drive by. We see other paddlers out on the water. And there are lots of paddling events that include people no matter what it is they like to paddle. So, Nashville Paddle Co. was stoked to be asked to participate in the Cumberland River Paddlefest on Saturday, April 13, presented by Paddle Adventures Unlimited. It takes place on Old Hickory Lake (876 Burnett Rd., Old Hickory, TN 37138).

There will be free events and activities for all manner of paddlers, canoe, kayak and SUP. Lots of clubs and non-profits who do work on our waterways, including TSRA and the Cumberland River Compact (to whom we donate a portion of our proceeds) will be there, too. Come join us!

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