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Friends of Hamilton Creek

Hamilton Creek

We love Hamilton Creek Recreation Area, where we spend most of our spring, summer and fall days.

We’re working with everyone who uses the park–rowers, BMXers, sailors, mountain bikers, swimmers, paddlers, dog walkers, playground fans, cyclists, picnickers and others–to create a community group to work with Metro Parks keep our park safe and scenic. Help us build the Friends of Hamilton Creek community group.

Here are some of the 2017 events already on the calendar:

April 1, 2017 Trail Builder TT #1 with SORBA Mid TN
April 22, Nashville Rowing, AJRA & CRF Tri-Meet
May 13, 2017 Splashville Open Water Challenge
May 13-14, 2017, World Paddle Association – WPA certification
May 26-29, MusicCity Bmx Nationals
July 29, Music City SUP and Kayak Race

We’re also looking for donations of things the park could use, such as extra PFDs and dog bag dispensers. Let us know if you know someone willing to donate.

Remember: If you need assistance while at Hamilton Creek, call Metro Parks Police at 615-880-3429 or in an emergency, call 911.

Friends of Hamilton Creek
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