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Get Out!

The outdoor temperatures this weekend were finally warm enough that we could hit the water for a few paddles—four miles on Saturday and another four on Sunday. It felt great to get out there, even if the water on Percy Priest Lake was just 47 degrees. One of the fishermen we passed said the fish start biting at 50 degrees. The fisherman wasn’t the only one wanting the water to warm, at those temperatures we really did not want to fall. But despite paddling with great caution and making sure not to take a swim in that water, we felt great after paddling, better than we have inside at the gym during the past few weeks. That experience, combined with this New York Times blog post by Gretchen Reynolds, underscores the importance of exercising outside. There’s a 100% chance of…

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February 25, 2013

TWRA Boating Safety Course

If you are born before January 1, 1989 or if you are sticking to your SUP when on the water, you aren’t required by law to take the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) Boating Safety Exam. The certification is designed for folks operating motorboats and PWCs (aka Jet Skis) on the state’s waterways. But some…

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February 9, 2013

Cabin Fever

DIY SUP Balance Training Today was a “snow day” in Metro Nashville, which meant while most of the white stuff melted before noon, public schools were closed, and it decidedly was not paddling weather. Earlier in the week it was 60 degrees warmer. But there were 105 mile an hour winds that day, so, again,…

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February 2, 2013